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The cities grow but the space is the same. This work reflects through color and shapes the intensity with which our societies are developing. It invites us to reflect, among other things, on the effects of this. Different cultures come together in a certain way but do not mix. The fierce overcrowding is lived without escape, leaving the subject in the center of the urban immensity; a subject that, nevertheless, appears lonely.


    • Original
    • Year: 2018
    • Size: 38x38 cm / 23x23 cm
    • Frame size: 50x50 cm / 30x30 cm
    • Technique: Original (Magazine paper on cotton paper with UV protective acrylic coating) Print (Glicée in Fineart paper)
    • Author: Ximena Lama


    Prints Limited Edition Signed and Numbered

    Prices do not include shipping cost

    If you have any questions contact us

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